About Our Farm

WELCOME ….. to Windy Ridge Farm, located in Troy, Maine.

We hope you take the time to “tour” our farm online ….. Find out about what we do, ‘Meet’ our animals, and Check out our all-natural products.

My husband & I both grew up on self-supportive family farms, and have been farming together since 1998.  Our 4 children, all teens now, work together with us.

Here at Windy Ridge Farm we currently raise pigs, beef & dairy cows, Katadin Hair Sheep, goats(Nubians, Nigerians, & Mini Nubians), and poultry (chickens, Coturnix quail, ducks, geese, & guineas).  We offer eggs, all-natural meats, and live animals ~ available to purchase right here at our farm in Troy, Maine.

All of our animals are raised without any added growth hormones.  Any grains we feed do not contain animal byproducts.  Our main focus is always good health and care for the animals, resulting in better breeding stock and quality products.

~ Adam & Suzanne Astbury~

Contact Us:
207-570-5643 (Adam cell)

           207-558-3134 (Suzanne)

e-mail wrfarm6@yahoo.com

  We do our best to respond quickly, but if you don’t hear back from us within 24 hours, please try contacting us again!  Thank you!

 Ribbet collage black & white cover pic

5 thoughts on “About Our Farm

  1. Love your site and your farm. Buffy directed me here because of your post on turkey saddles – I will post a link to it on my blog as we are having a problem with a frisky turkey and some chickens who currently share the same field.

    Liked by 1 person

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