2014 Lambs

Lambing for me is a whole season in itself; like spring, summer, fall, winter … for me there is a 5th season ~ Lambing. And like spring & fall, it ranks right up there for my “top 3 seasons”. 🙂  There is nothing like watching and sometimes even helping new little lives enter this world…. seeing the motherly instinct kick in as the ewe finally views the being that they have carried for 5 months.  No matter how bad a day I’ve had; or the problems that may be going on; a new lamb always brightens the day!

“Ellie Mae” decided that in one of the snowiest, wettest storms we had that she was going to lamb.  Our little hoophouse had held up great throughout the winter, but this particular snow was super heavy and weighed it down.  We had to put some makeshift props in to make sure it didn’t cave!  eek!  Anyhow!  Ellie Mae delivered a healthy baby boy. Ellie is Syd’s ewe so she named him “Prancer”.  He is destined to be our upcoming young ram. 🙂Image

Trudy was next.  As my oldest ewe she was a no-nonsense kinda gal ~ delivered without anyone around and not a hitch.               Twin girls ~ one white (Tilly) and one red (T….. still working on her name!)


Dusty (a 1st time momma) had one ram lamb (for her 1st time I was happy with one!).  She is such an amazing little momma! When he nurses she wraps her body around him… and she is forever calling him to come eat AGAIN! 😀


DeeDee (Dusty’s momma) had one ram lamb also.  I was surprised as she always has twins … but that’s OK. 🙂  He is a handsome red w/white markings like his father.  I’ve named him “Denver”.  Denver may be for sale; I haven’t decided just yet. 🙂Image

Just one more ewe to go ~ Dolly ~ will post her lambs once she decides to lamb 🙂

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