More calves …

So since Bergita calved, the other 3 expectant mothers have calved also!

Mocha calved in with a bull calf ~ “Mack” on April 27th

Despite the rain, she chose a spot in the orchard rather than the barn … 🙂Image

I left for 2 minutes to get some more dry hay …Image

A handsome red bull calf! 🙂  All dry now….


Monique decided that she should calve the next day … Image


Syd named him “Vindicator” …

Mocha thought Monique needed help cleaning him up 🙂Image

Last cow, Swiss Miss, calved May 2nd ~ with a heifer (her 3rd straight heifer!)


What an adorable face!!!!  Syd has named her “Stella” and is tickled to keep her as her own calf.


So this wraps up our calves for now … will try to keep adding updates now & then so keep checking in. 🙂

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