Bessie Calved ~ It’s a GIRL!

Bessie has been restless for several days … yesterday she withdrew from the rest of the herd and kept to herself all day.  What with the rain last night we put her in the barn locked in a nice roomy pen.  She was NOT happy!  She thought the place under the trees OUTSIDE was a much preferred place as SHE had picked it out! 🙂  To punish us a bit for making her stay IN … she waited until a bit before 3am to calve … which meant checks at 9:00 … and 10:30 … and 12:00 … and finally at 3:00 am … when she had a beautiful heifer waiting to be admired! 😀  After all the hard work of labor she was ready for a nice drink of warm water … LOTS of warm water! I filled and Adam lugged … and after downing 5 – 5 gallon buckets .. she was satisfied … and we got a couple more hours of sleep. 🙂

Here she is … 3/4 Holstein 1/4 Hereford … which gave her the white face of the Hereford but the black n white Holstein pattern. 🙂

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