2016 Kids are FiNaLLy all named! :)

Naming the kids (4-footed) 😉 is always a fun task!  I try to ask all those of you who “follow” our farm ~ whether on the website or on our farm FB page to help by adding your name choices … then all those names go on a list of potential names … and after that we decide on the perfect name for each kid.  Sometimes names just fit right away … and other times is takes a bit longer to find the one you really like better. 🙂  This year we chose to do names inspired from movies … and of course the first letter follows the first letter of the mom. 😀  So, here they are, ladies and gentlemen:

  • “Pumba” ~ from The Lion King (Polly’s buck)
  • “Perdita” ~ from 101 Dalmations (Precious’s doe)
  • “Peter Pan” ~ from Peter Pan (Precious’s buck)
  • “Bongo” ~ from a bear movie (Belle’s buck)
  • “Fruma-Sarah” ~ from Fiddler on the Roof (Fawn’s doe)
  • “Fiddler” ~ to go along w/the Fiddler on the Roof idea 😉 (Fawn’s buck)
  • “Fairy” ~ to represent fairy movies 🙂 (Fancy’s doe #1)
  • “Fern” ~ as in Fern Gully (Fancy’s doe #2)

Thank you for those that participated in sharing name ideas!

To see cute pictures (which get updated from time to time) = 2016 KID PHOTOS


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