Hatching Eggs

Our hatching eggs are handled even more carefully than the fresh eggs.  Our rule of thumb is “that’s a baby you are handling; treat it as such”.

Hatching eggs are collected frequently throughout the day, and carefully selected for good shape & few (if any) blemishes.  Any foreign objects are carefully removed, and the eggs for hatching are stored in a cooler area.  Ideal temperatures for eggs intended for hatching are: 60-63 degrees for eggs being set within 5 days, or closer to 51 degrees for eggs waiting more than 5 days before setting.  We keep our hatching eggs at 60-63 as we only sell eggs 1-5 days old for hatching. (no older)

All eggs are barnyard mix unless otherwise noted.  We generally get some purebreds and some mixed breeds when we hatch eggs ourselves. 🙂

 CHICKEN EGGS (HATCHING) ~ $6.00 per dozen

DUCK EGGS (HATCHING) ~ $10.00 per dozen

GOOSE EGGS (HATCHING) ~ $20.00 per dozen (or $2 each egg)

HERITAGE BREED TURKEYS (HATCHING) ~ $20.00 per dozen(or $2 each egg)

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2 responses to “Hatching Eggs

  1. manuel silveira

    I contacted you on the narragansett tom that I would like to purchase what kind or turkey eggs do you have to hatch.


    • We have barnyard mix eggs this year; all from purebred parent stock, but we do not have them in separate pens. Our flock consists of Royal Palm, Narragansett, Bourbon Red, & Chocolate turkeys.


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