Upcycled Totes

What do we do with the grain bags we use here (as well as from other farms)?

Up-cycle them into sturdy, reusable totes, aprons, and more!

“Up-cycling” at its best! Feed/grain bags turned into totes!
Bags are attractive & re-usable. These sturdy totes are perfect for groceries / farmer’s markets / harvesting garden veggies / storage / lugging laundry / gift bags & even sorting recycled items!

These bags have been washed prior to sewing. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth or even rinsed and hung to dry. Bags are from and sewn in a smoke-free home!

Bag size varies slightly with the shape of feed bag and the location of the print on the feed bag. Some totes do not have all sizes available.

MINI TOTE Approximate measurements are 8″ W x 8-10″ H

SMALL TOTE Approximate measurements are 12″ W x 10-12″ H

MEDIUM TOTE Approximate measurements are 12-14″ W x 13-16″ H

LARGE TOTE Approximate measurements are 14″ W x 18-20″ H

X-LARGE TOTE Approximate measurements 14″ W x 25″ H


View some of the prints available here …


…. and check out more available prints

ETSY shop


        SuzKritter Kitchen on FB. 🙂

Shipping in the USA and Canada!


Suzanne Astbury 717-228-8090 (call or text)

e-mail < SuzKritterKitchen@gmail.com >


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