Ribbet collage farm tour

We offer farm tours for individuals, families, and groups.

Children of all ages (not yet 1-101 ) will enjoy…..


🙂 bunnies

* chickens, chicks

* cats, kittens

* cows, calves

* ducks, ducklings 

* geese, goslings

* goats, kids

* guineas, keets

* pigs, piglets

* sheep, lambs

* turkeys, poults

Baby animals are season depending 🙂  Contact us to see what is currently available.

🙂 Petting various critters 

* How soft IS a bunny?

* What does sheep wool feel like?

🙂 Picking up some poultry feathers as you walk around

🙂 Getting small tidbits of farm facts along the way

Animals are friendly & social.   

Absolutely no mean poultry or any other ill-natured livestock allowed.

 Farm Tours are by scheduled appointment only.

1 person on tour = $20/per person

2 or more people = $10/per person

Family  Tour = $10/per adult; $5/per child [See NOTES below]

Group Tour = $5/per person / child and adult [See NOTES below]

  • NOTES:
  • Child Rates = ages 3 – 17     (UNDER 3 is FREE) 🙂
  • Adult Rates = 18+
  • Family Tour = MINIMUM of 4 paying persons to qualify for the family rate
  • Group Tour = MINIMUM of 10 paying persons to qualify for the group rate

*  When you schedule your farm tour that is YOUR time slot for whomever you choose to bring; we do not schedule multiple parties (unless YOU invite them) at the same time. This gives you a better opportunity to meet / pet all the critters.

*  Please read our Release Agreement and either plan to sign upon arrival or print and bring it with you 🙂

Contact us to schedule a farm tour:
· Call 207-570-5643
· E-mail
· FB message



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