Homeschool Farm Tours


  • (6 -20 children per tour)
  • (Ages 3-17)
  • Farm Tours are 1 hour long. 🙂
  • $5/per child; Siblings under 3 are FREE
  • 1 parent per family free; $5 any additional adults

We offer farm tours especially for homeschooling families.  

Our Homeschool Farm Tour includes:
* Meeting all the critters on the farm (bunnies, dairy & beef cows, pigs, ducks, geese, chickens, heritage turkeys, guineas, sheep & goats).
* Learning basics about farm animals (safety, respecting their space; names of different breeds of animals).
* Learning basic care of each type of animal we have.
* Getting a little hands-on experience as a “farm-hand” (brushing a calf or goat, gathering eggs, raking up bunny poop).
* Enjoying “petting stations” and getting to hug a goat, feed a piglet grass, or hold a baby bunny.

Payment needs to be made either by PayPal (see link below) or by money order/ check mailed to:  Windy Ridge Farm 299 Bagley Hill Rd; Troy, ME 04987

  • Check  CURRENT EVENTS for scheduled tours … or if you would like to arrange a tour for your homeschool group, e-mail us <>  🙂
  • If you would like to be a group coordinator and arrange a tour for your group just let us know!  As a bonus for the group coordinator we offer 1 free student for that person.  7 children need to attend to qualify for this bonus.  This Group Coordinator Bonus also applies to any of our kid classes as well. 🙂






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