Kids Farm Class #2 ~ April 3rd (Friday)


Kids Farm Class (#2)
~ A hands-on experience to a small family farm ~

$10 per child per class
    Geared for ages 6-16 (if you have a younger child that you think will enjoy, please let us know! 🙂 )
  This is a “series” of kids farm classes, each class will be covering different material. Children can attend one class, or all of them. 🙂

🙂  “MAKING MAPLE SYRUP”  will be on April 3rd.

🙂 We will be explaining the process of a small operation, walking through our sugar grove for observation, collecting sap from the buckets (as long as it is running on this date! ), and seeing how we boil the sap down into syrup.

🙂 There will be a small amount to sample.

🙂 Please dress in warm layers and mud  boots. (all the snow is melting = AWESOME … but also = MUD MUD MUD! 😀 )

**NOTE** if it rains 😦 on April 3rd, we will have to reschedule the maple syrup class for a different day. Fingers crossed for nice weather! 😀

These classes will each be 1 hour long and will be held every other week.

Other classes will include

 🙂  Making yogurt

🙂 Making Mozzarella cheese

🙂 Animal Study for cows, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry, & rabbits will include:
Basic Care
Basic Feeding
Hoof-trimming for goats
Nail trimming for rabbits
How to handle emergency situations with your animals

🙂 Hands-on experience for as much as possible of the above study.

There will be 5 classes of 1 hour each.
On our 5th class all participating students are invited to stay for an additional hour to have fun doing whatever their favorite thing on the farm is.

We will have some indoor classes (cheesemaking) and the rest of the classes will be both indoor classroom instruction and outdoor hands-on experience.
I will be watching for the best weather for our outdoor classes and posting at the first of each week which class to come prepared for.  Dressing in layers is always a good plan.

Geared for ages 6-16
$10 per child per class

Each Class will be from 1:00-2:00pm



Release Agreement

PayPal for 1 class ($10)

FB event page (Please follow for updates)

Class 1 = March 20th

Class 2 = April 3rd

Class 3  = April 17th

Class 4 = May 1st

Class  5 = May 15th


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