Registration Form

Farm Event Registration

List of those attending:  (Please make note of those who are under 3 yrs old.)


Allergies: (animal, bees, etc)

Phone number

*E-mail Address

Would you like Windy Ridge Farm to contact you about future events?
__Yes __ No


I hereby consent to and authorize all photographs taken of my son/daughter/ward, or myself to be used in WRF publications, and/or websites.  Said photos will be used to show the fun had at the event or to promote future events.  Photos will be taken tastefully.

Signature: ______________________________



Please either print, fill in, and mail registration form along with release agreement.


Copy, paste, fill in, & e-mail registration form & release agreement. <>


Windy Ridge Farm

207-570-5643           Adam & Suzanne Astbury        717-228-8090

299 Bagley Hill Rd; Troy, Maine 04987



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