Babies … babies … and more babies!

The paddock is full of bouncing baby goats & lambs … the bunnies are squirming in their nest boxes … 1 calf born Thursday night … and more calves due soon!!!



Sending out 2016 … and Bringing in 2017 … with no power :)

60 hours of no power … thankfully we have a hand dug well and were able to draw water out with a bucket to water all the critters with.

Thankfully even though their electric fence was not hot the critters mostly stayed where they belonged!  Miss Molly, the young Hereford heifer, got herself on the wrong side of the fence, but she was quickly persuaded to go back with her mom.  The pigs started “visiting” their neighbors but we quickly put up corral panels and they stayed where they belonged after that.

The snow is truly beautiful!

Making Pork Sausage … and Homecured Ham

Well, it has been a busy fall .. I keep telling myself to do better keeping up w/the farm blog … we can all see how well that has worked!  🙂

Anyhow …

We got stuck with a batch of late summer piglets that we didn’t expect to get stuck with … so we decided it was a good time to learn how to butcher our own pigs.  The first one we simply quartered.  The 2nd we cut up into roasts and a few chops plus ribs.  The 3rd & 4th ones we decided to try making some sausage and to dry brine a couple hams.  Both the sausage & ham were great!  And it’s kind of nice knowing how to do all this yourself. 🙂  The boys are already planning on building a smoker so we can try smoking some ham and bacon with applewood pieces. 🙂  I’ll be trying to post more soon on how we did the sausage & ham!!!


Fall on the Farm

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year! 🙂  Crisp mornings that still warm up into nice days … gorgeously colored leaves … ah, yes!

We are busy busy here (like many others!) getting ready for winter (which we KNOW is right around the corner 🙂 ).  Where DID all those last minute projects come from for buttoning up anyhow??  At least the woodshed is full, the garden pretty much all harvested and squirreled away, and the critter sheds are on their way to being buttoned up in good shape. 😀

The farm stand still has winter squash (acorn & buttercup), pumpkins, gourds, cornmeal corn & mini popcorn (decorate or eat!) … so swing on over and check it out! 😀

The kids are growing up …

After just a couple days the kids and momma goats are settling into their new routine ~ babies in the “nursery” and mommas get walked over for feeding times … the babies are warmi…

Source: The kids are growing up …

The kids are growing up …

After just a couple days the kids and momma goats are settling into their new routine ~ babies in the “nursery” and mommas get walked over for feeding times … the babies are warming right up to us and the mommas are thinking “wow! this is GREAT! Why didn’t these humans think of this earlier?!”  🙂


Syd, the goat herder, just hanging out with the kids.

“Nursery” building time!

Well, the time had come for the “brat pack” (as we affectionately call them) to move away from mommas … so we built them a “nursery pen”.  They can get used to living apart from mom and we can continue to work at getting them ready for the new homes.  🙂

The does have started weaning their kids a bit, but we will be bringing the mommas over to the “nursery pen”  a couple times a day for the next bit to get everyone used to the new set-up.  🙂

Getting used to their new pen!  🙂

Reminder ~ kid’s will be ready to go to their new homes this month!

If you are interested in our Nigerian Dwarf / Nigerian Dwarf cross kids … let us know!

Never raised goats before?  Feel free to e-mail your questions/concerns…. we will be happy to help. 🙂


Growing Chicken Nuggets …

The meat birds had officially outgrown their temporary spot … so we made them a new shelter today.  🙂

Since they are only around for a few more weeks before their deep freeze … they don’t have to have the fanciest coop on the farm. 😉


Happy lil chicken nuggets now!  🙂


More piggies on the way …

Poor Lulu has NOT been enjoying the hotter days … we keep having to make her a mud hole to wallow in to help her keep cool.  Her belly seems to grow daily as she gets closer to having piglets!  Yesterday was her due date … but no piglets just yet.  Soon, Lulu, very soon!

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