2017 Kidding Time!

Our 2017 kidding started off with 3 first time mommas … the 3 naughty lil girls that got out of THEIR pen .. and into the buck pen…. so instead of having them kid out in nice warm weather as planned … they kidded in the first week of February in some of the coldest weather this winter. Happily all three had their babies at or just after morning chores …  mommas and babies are all doing well!

Most of our kids will be for sale this year; if you are interested in a kid(s) please contact us for more information!  <wrfarm6@yahoo.com>

Buck ~ “President” ~ born February 4th FOR SALE at weaning

DAM = Pandora (Nigerian)

Buck ~ “ACE” ~ born February 6th

DAM = Annie (1/2 Nubian 1/2 Nigerian)

SIRE = Dominique (Nubian, registered)


Buck ~ “Franco” ~ born February 7th  FOR SALE; bottle baby or at weaning

Doe ~ “Franchesca” ~ born February 7th FOR SALE at weaning

DAM = Felice (Nigerian)