We have a variety of chickens, all of which are free-range. (Until they decide to raid the garden, then they are restricted on where they may go. :))  They are fed a ration of grain, scraps from the table, and weeds during the summer.  The majority of our hens are purebred; of course there are a few favorites out in the coop that have been hatched here that are barnyard mixes. 🙂

Right now (2016) the coop residents consist of (but not limited to): Americaunas, Barred Rocks, Blue Andalusian, Cochin, Cornish, Delaware, a few barnyard mix, and a variety of bantams.

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If you are interested in farm-fresh eggs click here: FRESH EGGS

If you are interested in hatching eggs click here: HATCHING EGGS NOTE: When we sell hatching eggs or chicks they are generally barnyard mix unless otherwise noted as being purebreds.


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