Miss Henny

Miss Henny is our Cornish X hen that used to insist on laying her egg in the bed of Adam’s truck. Daily!
One day (in 2010) we were gone most of the day …. when we returned we had barely turned the truck off and she landed on the hood of it – very indignantly clucking at us! She hopped right into her nest in the truck and laid her egg ….

One day I got a call from the neighbors (they live a considerable distance – at least in chicken distance from our farm) – were we missing a chicken?     I had not yet returned their call … when they showed up – with our chicken! We then realized that she had been in the back of the truck when Adam took off …. and jumped out about the time he went past the neighbor’s house!
A few days after that, Adam had an appointment at Eastern Maine Medical in Bangor…. so off he went! …. from Saint Albans to the gas station in Newport … traveled the interstate to EMMC … had his doc visit (which lasted over an hour) …. stopped at a little store …. went to his brother’s house in Hermon … and there – in the back of his truck was – YUP! you guessed it – our lil hen! She had stayed there the entire trip! (THANKFULLY!) He got a box and put the stow-away into the cab of the truck and brought her home safely! Even after her trip “out and about” she came home and laid her egg!  In Adam’s truck of course!  We put her in a pen so that she can hatch some eggs and keep her lil self contented that way!

Miss Henny is still with us, and thankfully she has given up laying in Adam’s truck!  She still LOVES to hatch babies though!  This spring she hatched a couple of unlikely characters … 🙂Ribbet collage miss henny


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