Madaline, my Jersey cow, was pasture bred in 2015 to our Hereford cross bull Vindicator.  She was due to calve the week before Christmas … which meant lots of nights checking her in the middle of the night … just because I’m a bit of a worrier when it comes time for my girls to deliver. 😉 (Even though they have never had any problems! 🙂 )

I had checked her several nights in a row and was super tired … so Adam took my turn on December 22nd … and came in to let me know she had safely delivered a calf.  Of course I instantly became wide awake and had to go check her out myself … and discovered she had a beautiful heifer calf. 🙂

We always name our calves with the same first initial as their mother … so what else can one name a heifer calf born just a couple days before Christmas … “Mistletoe” of course! 🙂

Our youngest farmer (12) had so badly hoped to have a heifer out of their cow and did not get one .. so Mistletoe has become their very own.  🙂  They make a pretty happy & cute pair!