Mocha’s 2015 Calf

Mocha chose a yucky, wet night to calve.  I had the barn all ready for her … but she was determined to calve outside (stubborn cow!) so she kept trying to jump the coral panels.  Worried she might hurt herself I let her out … and kept checking her about every hour. About 9:15 pm I figured she would calve within the hour … so I sat in the living room to wait. I dozed off for a few minutes (checking her every night for several nights already had made me sleepy 😉 ) so it was about 9:30 pm when I got back out to check again.  He had been born for a few minutes and was already trying to stand up.  Mocha was doing a great job cleaning him up (she’s an ole pro at this 🙂 ) … but I helped her anyhow.  I went in to get her a nice warm drink of water … so Adam helped me lug it and then lugged the calf to the barn for me back to the nice pen we had set up for them.  NOW Mocha was content to stay in the dry barn and finish cleaning up her handsome bull calf.