Baby Ducklings

Trenton’s mallard hen was the first one to bring her babies out!

She decided that next to the pig pen was a good place to make a nest.

Mallard hen nest

Mallard hen nest

And she sat there quite contentedly behind a piece of plywood. 🙂

Trent checked her carefully & regularly to make sure she was doing ok.  Her mate guarded her loyally.  🙂  Monday (May 26th) Trenton discovered ducklings poking out from under the hen!  She hatched 6 of them!  Tuesday we decided it was best to move her & the ducklings into a hutch.  So we scooped them up into my sweatshirt 😉


Momma Mallard was NOT happy so Trenton lugged her carefully so she couldn’t bite him!  She was MUCH happier once we showed her how nice the new living quarters were. 😀


Happy Momma Mallard


Looks like 2 of the 6 are Khaki or Khaki crosses 🙂  Momma Mallard didn’t know that we snuck a couple other eggs under her. 😉




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