We raise a small flock of geese consisting of Embden and Toulouse.   Our geese are non-aggressive and super family oriented!  We sell fresh goose eggs (for eating or dyeing), hatching eggs, goslings, and sometimes adult geese.

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** Information on FRESH EGGS and HATCHING EGGS **

WRFarm’s Goose Story ……………………………………………………………………………  Adam had wanted geese for a long time.  I did NOT want geese for equally as long.  😉 So for 11 years he practically begged to get geese … and I said “NO!  Geese are terrible!  I got bit by one!  I do NOT want the kids getting bothered by them!”  FINALLY I said “Yes ” to getting goslings one spring.  So in 2009 when we ordered chicks, ducklings, and guineas … we also ordered geese!  I gave the verdict ~ “If these geese so much as look cross-eyed at anyone they are becoming DINNER!”  Well, the goslings were quite social.  They enjoyed talking to us, and having us talk to them.  The loved the treats of grass & scraps we brought.  They grew!  And grew!  Still our geese were happy and never so much as batted an eye at the kids or anyone else.  By the following spring we could tell that we had several pairs of geese.  Soon they blessed us with eggs.  Huge eggs!  It was exciting to have huge eggs!  And even more exciting when they decided to sit on a nest of eggs!  Now came the real test ~ would the geese maintain their good nature?  They passed with flying colors!  The dominant gander would snake out his neck and hiss if we came too close to the goose sitting, but that was it.  The geese were officially accepted into the “farm family of critters”!  Since then we have all learned how much of a family the geese are.  They absolutely love their babies and the whole family helps to care for and raise all the goslings ~ even the ganders do!  One year we had a particularly hot day when some goslings were hatching.  The mother brought out the 3 goslings that had hatched, introduced them to the rest of the family, and went back to her nest to finish hatching!   Another year was a very bad year for hatching and only one gosling ended up hatching.  The entire goose family protected that young gosling!  When we threw weeds in the pen they would all stand around in a circle and honk excitedly while he ate the best!  Then they would eat.  The geese are an amazing example of how families should be!  Humans could do well to follow their example!

The idea was that we would raise up any extra goslings and add them to the freezer along with the chickens, meat rabbits, pigs, beef … RIGHT!  The first year the reason that we “really didn’t need to” was that those were the first babies so we really should keep them… The next year the reason was “…. well, maybe we need a couple more females….”  and then “They are such a family….” We all end up standing around the pen, looking at them … and then coming up with some reason why we don’t really need to butcher one that day.  So, needless to say, we have yet to grace the dinner table with a Christmas goose!  We have sold a few pairs but not one has made it’s way into the freezer. 🙂  I guess since I kept him from getting geese for 11 years … I may be destined to not have Christmas goose for at least 11 years  ….. 😉



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