NAME: Pumba

BIRTH DATE: March 15,2016

SIRE: Elliott

DAM: Polly

Pumba had a rough entry into this world … honestly after the hard labor his mom went through … this was one kid I really didn’t expect to be alive at birth.  That final moment  we got him turned properly and he “popped” out into the world …. and instead of a limp baby … we had a wiggly one!!!  I wrapped him up & passed him to Syd to get his passages cleared and get him dried off while I took care of Polly (mom).  Syd brought him to Polly’s head to let her see him … but Polly was much too tired from labor to care … and being her first time she was all too happy for us to take over baby care. 🙂

Baby boy came into the house … and was soon named “Pumba”.  He is one of the best bottle/house babies ever! He quickly learned to pee on newspapers set in a low box.  He never cries …. He politely lets us know when he is hungry … and sticks to the “bottle schedule” we have for him. (baby goats can get overfed so you need to monitor how many ounces they are getting per feeding.)  He takes his naps by the woodstove … or in Penny’s dog bed …. and no! Pumba isn’t spoiled … not one little bit 🙂


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Watch Pumba’s DANCING GOAT VIDEO to get a glimpse into the life of a housegoat  🙂