Jill Has Piglets!!

Once upon a time, Miss Piggy had piglets. We kept 2 of them. They became Sydney’s responsibility to care for. She named them “Jack” and “Jill”. Jack grew up and went to live with Britney Ellis at Lil Little Patch of Heaven Farm … and Jill stayed with us to become one of our sows.

Jill (right) sleeping with her half sister, Grundgetta.

Jill (right) sleeping with her half sister, Grundgetta.

How pregnant pigs cool off ...

How pregnant pigs cool off …

Two weeks ago Jill decided it was time to have her piglets. She came over to me while I was giving her breakfast and LOUDLY told me it was TIME!

I decided that we had better finish making her little hut that very day … We were almost done; just doing finishing touches … and Jill became more and more upset. She started doing her best to tear down the little run-in that she shared w/Grundgetta.  As soon as we put her in her new yard with her new house she went in, smelled it all over, and gave us a few grunts of approval!

Then Jilly (as I like to call her sometimes) began to build a nest just as fast as she could go. Back & forth, back & forth she carried hay, small twigs, and her grain dish. We vetoed the grain dish idea so she tore off a couple strips of cedar bark off a fence post and used that instead! She was one determined pig!

Sydney kept checking on her to see if she had gone into labor yet. When Syd went to bed still no piglets. She made me promise to wake her if Jill went into labor during the night. Around 10:30/11 I checked her again. She had 3 piglets already! Adam got Syd up (quite the chore as she wakes HARD) and she came out to watch the rest. 11 little piggies all in all.

Now the little piggies are 2 weeks old … and Syd has named most of them!

…. More pictures of the rest of the piggies coming soon 🙂


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