We raise rabbits for pets, breeding stock, and meat (for ourselves).  All our adults are part of the farm family; most of them belonging to the young farmers 🙂

We do not sell registered stock, but do sell friendly, well socialized rabbits.  We have a few purebreds and some nice crossbreds also.

We offer

  • Lionheads (cute & cuddly pets)
  • New Zealand crosses ( pets or meat)
  • American Chinchillas (pets or meat)

Meet the Rabbits 🙂  

Dundee (New Zealand x Californian buck)

Harry (New Zealand x Californian buck)

Murdock (Lionhead buck)

Hocus Pocus (American Chinchilla buck)

Brown Eyes (Californian x doe)

Daisy (Californian x New Zealand doe)

Dandelion (New Zealand x Lionhead doe)

Honey (Chinchilla doe)

Harley (Chinchilla doe)

Petunia (Chinchilla doe)

Sugar (Chinchilla doe)

Suzie-Q (Lionhead x doe)


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