Ellie Mae

2015 375

Ellie Mae was born in 2011.  Her mom’s milk didn’t come in for some reason that lambing and it was cold out …. so Ellie Mae soon became a bottle lamb … who lived in the house!  Once it warmed up she lived outside … and came to the house every chance she got to “knock” on the door and sweet-talk her way in for a treat 🙂

February 13, 2015 ~ Ellie Mae had 1 ram lamb … who soon was named “Olaf”.  Olaf had some muscles that didn’t want to operate right in his back leg … so he became a house bottle baby and got daily massages and assistance to “walk”.  Finally at 2 weeks old Olaf was able to stand and take a few steps on his own!  We continued with massages and fixed up a brace for his leg to help. I have to admit I got teary when Olaf, who could barely take 5 steps at a time, used those steps to follow our daughter … and even attempt to climb the stairs with her! (She quickly scooped him up and explained he was not ready for stairs!) Our vet helped us make a better brace and Olaf is now 7 weeks old … we are not sure how well his leg will improve, but as long as he is not in pain we will give him a chance 🙂  He really knows when he’s being helped and will lie perfectly still so we can change his brace.



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