Processing Goats ~ A How To Post

We processed our own goats for the first time this year.  After cutting up the deer that the men of the family got during deer season … we figured doing the 2 boy goats would be just about as easy … and save on slaughterhouse charges.  (Don’t get me wrong ~ we are certainly going to keep using our local butcher for pork and beef … but these 2 goats were so small (being young Nigerian Dwarfs) it really didn’t seem profitable to use the butcher this time….)

#1)  We took the 2 boys away from the herd and tethered them so they were calm but contained.

#2) One 22 bullet behind the ear put them down.

#3) The boys quickly gutted them out.  (will be updating more details on how to gut)

Hung goats up high enough so that nothing could get them

Hung goats up high enough so that nothing could get them

#5) Let goats hang about 24 hours. (They were small and it just didn’t seem necessary to hang longer.)

#6) Next day the boys skinned both goats.

2015 Dec sort 012

Just above the hock, cut the hide all the way around the leg.  Continue working the skin away from the meat.  Just go slow & steady to avoid nicking the actual meat.  You can put slight tension on the hide and hold it away from the body to help.

  • Skin down to base of head.  At this point we decided to use the bone saw and cut off the head.  This made it easy to finish skinning the last little bit and tug the hide right off the neck.  We also cut off the legs (at about the knee)
  • Spread skin out on a clean dry surface for tanning.


#7) Rinse off carcass to rid it of hairs (can’t be helped, a few hairs find their way onto the carcass during skinning.

#8) These 2 boys were so small we just cut out the loin and then cut off the legs to cook whole.  (didn’t get pictures of this step so will try to add at some point)

#9) Package & label in freezer bags … enjoy for supper! 🙂

~ The Farmer’s Wife~