Processing Rabbits

We raise rabbits for pets … breeding stock … and meat.

Often people ask “HOW can you eat rabbits????!!!”  The answer is simple really “Eating rabbits is the same as eating poultry … goats … pigs … cattle…”

The following is how we process our rabbits.  We are extremely humane and the rabbits are kept calm and quiet the whole time.

  1. We bring the rabbits to be processed away from the rest of the herd.  We have a pen we use to put the whole group into … and a smaller pen nearby to put one rabbit in at a time into.
  2. One rabbit is placed into the smaller pen; using a 1.77 caliber BB gun or a 22, one pop behind the ear.
  3. The rabbit is hung by the back legs.  A couple pieces of hay rope formed into a loop works well.
  4. Taking a sharp knife carefully cut through the fur around the hind legs and down towards the groin area.  Cut around the butt hole, cutting through the tailbone as well.
  5. Work the skin (with your fingers) down the body towards the head.
  6. Cut off the head and hide. (set furs aside if you wish for curing)
  7. Very carefully hold the skin away from the stomach and cut through from butt hole to ribcage.
  8. Carefully pull all the intestines out of the body cavity.
  9. Rinse the carcass.
  10. Bag, label,  & freeze.

Processed, bagged … and freezer ready!