Farmah’s Stew

I felt creative …or at least like trying something new a couple weeks ago… and came up with this delicious, hearty, flavorful stew!

1 pound beef stew meat

1 pound lamb stew meat

1 pound pork stew meat

1 medium onion, chopped

3 carrots, peeled & chopped

6 medium potatoes, peeled & cubed

Approximately 1/4-1/3 cup FRESH thyme. (I grew alot last year and froze it … which worked perfectly in this recipe!)

Put about 3/4 cup flour, sprinkle of salt, sprinkle of pepper in a bowl.  Toss the meat in it till coated.  (I did about 1 pound at a time.)  Brown meat in oil (I like olive oil).  Then simply put the browned meat & the rest of the ingredients in a large crockpot. Add water till it comes up to about  the halfway mark of the stew ingredients. Cover.

Cook on low @ 8-9 hours or high for @ 5 hours.  DELICIOUS!


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