Making Mozzarella Cheese

Bessie has freshened and been added to the milking string … so after calves are fed and other milk is taken off … there is still LOTS of milk left to use!  Perfect time to make mozzarella so I can start a stock pile in the freezer 😀

I had 5 gallons of milk extra this morning to make cheese with! (hip hip hooray!!!)

In a LARGE pot:

5 gallons milk

In a glass cup mix 1/2 cup water & 5 tsp. citric acid.  Stir well!  Then add to the COLD milk.

In a 2nd glass cup milk 1/2 cup water and 1 tsp. rennet. (SET ASIDE!)

Stir till milk reaches about 95 degrees.

2016 sort B 020

Milk coming up to temp.

Add rennet mix.  Keep stirring!  Milk will start to form curds (you will feel the change). 2016 sort B 023

Keep stirring!  The curds will start to glob together; use your spoon to pull them towards each other to form one mass.

2016 sort B 022

Carefully pour off half the whey.  Spoon the curds out and put them into a bowl.  Reserve about 6 inches of whey in bottom of pot and keep the burner on medium low.

2016 sort B 027

Pull off a chunk  of curd off that seems easy for you to handle.  Lower it into your reserved whey and stir around till it gets a bit “stringy”. Use a slotted spoon to pull up the heated curds and place in a bowl.  Lightly salt (DO NOT USE IODIZED SALT), stretch & knead curds till a smooth ball forms.  (doesn’t take too long)  Bag. Repeat these steps till all the curds have been done. Use fresh or freeze. 🙂

2016 sort B 028

I plan on approximately 1# cheese per gallon of milk.  🙂  ENJOY!


  • To cut heating time … if I have time when the mornings milk comes in … I put the warm milk in my large pot … and take 1/2-1 gallon of COLD milk from fridge to stir the citric acid into.  Then I stir the cold milk into the warm milk.  This will cut heating time drastically!  🙂